Unlimited Screen Time - 3 Reasons It's Not as Bad as You Think

Everywhere around us qualified experts, parents and teachers tell us that screen time is bad for our children.

I used to be one of those teachers.

I heard it all throughout my teacher education:

‘No screen time until WELL after 2 years old’ or ‘when counseling parents about screen time, encourage them to not allow more than 30 minutes a day.’

Obviously this made sense because of the culture we are in. We never see kids playing outside, in the classroom not all children can read by Kindergarten and childhood obesity is reported to be on the rise. The obvious culprit must be excess screen time.

Then I became a mom.
Unlimited Screen Time may not be as bad as you think for your kids. Why you may want to reconsider screen time.

10 Creative Sibling Pregnancy Announcements

The joy of pregnancy. How happy and elated you are when you can finally tell the world that you are expecting! It's my favorite part of pregnancy. I love seeing the creative announcements on Facebook & Instagram. I especially love when siblings get to help share the exciting news! Here are some creative and fun sibling pregnancy announcements to use for your inspiration!

Sibling Pregnancy Announcements - get the kids involved!

  1. Using Books - Give them a book to read through
    Sibling Pregnancy Announcements - get the kids involved!
  2. Showing a promotion - I love this idea of having the youngest crossed out. I have also seen photos with just a sign saying 'I'm being promoted'
    Sibling Pregnancy Announcements - get the kids involved!
  3. Family love with sidekicks - I love this idea of sidekicks, especially when you are also sharing gender. I have also seen the superhero boy announcements.
    Sibling Pregnancy Announcements - get the kids involved!
  4. Using dated onesies
    Sibling Pregnancy Announcements - get the kids involved!
  5. Using letters - I usually see this idea for Mother's Day and we use it for our annual Father's Day Photos, but creative use for baby announcement.
    Sibling Pregnancy Announcements - get the kids involved!
  6. Family photo shoot - This large family did it right. Using their family photo shoot. Look closely, you see the pregnancy test in his hand!
    Sibling Pregnancy Announcements - get the kids involved!
  7. Using chairs
    Sibling Pregnancy Announcements - get the kids involved!
  8. Using a checklist - Such a cute outfit too!
    Sibling Pregnancy Announcements - get the kids involved!
  9. Using a chalkboard - You could write anything on the chalkboard too!
    Sibling Pregnancy Announcements - get the kids involved!
    A Painted Nest
  10. Using a Big Sister T-shirt - This is our little Seraphim announcing her own promotion! We will be adding another angel to our family in September!
    Sibling Pregnancy Announcements - get the kids involved!
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Plan a Year of Dates for your kids

When I think back into my childhood, one of my favorite memories is the time my dad took me to the new aquarium. I remember him opening the car door for me, paying for the tickets, escorting me around, us touching the stingrays and sharks and going out to dinner.

A close second, are the nights I used to go out with my mom to the mall. We would drive around talking, we would go shopping and always get dessert - it was usually Auntie Anne's from the mall with a lemonade.

Plan a Year of Dates for your kids. Great Christmas Present. Free Printables

In both instances, my parents were taking me on dates. From my dad's perspective, he wanted to teach me how a man is supposed to treat a woman. From my mom's perspective, we were building a relationship. From my perspective, I got memories that will stick with me forever. Those 'dates' have built a foundation on which my relationship with my parents. Now my husband and I are using this as a way to build that same relationship with our daughter.

Breastfeeding Myths, Tips and Resources

When I was pregnant, I knew I really wanted to nurse. To me, nursing was something so natural, so special and so good for my baby. I took months learning everything I could about breastfeeding, even before I became a mom. My goal was a year. We are now at almost 23 months and my daughter is still nursing before bedtime. It is something so special for us. We (my husband and I) have decided that 2 years is our max.

I am sharing with you some myths that scared me in the beginning, some tips that I learned along the way and resources that helped me when I started to doubt or had questions.

Thankful Mom Moments

Being Thankful. Every year around this time, we start to think about our lives and our situations and find the good in everything that we have. We count our blessings and give more appreciation to the things and people around us. Unfortunately, this doesn't last all year long for many of us. I have been in so many situations this year where I have had to stop, look around all the mess and see the two little eyes of the best blessing I have. My little girl. I don't often stop and give thanks for the amazing person she is becoming and how much she lights up my life. So I am taking that time this next month, November - the month of Thanksgiving, to bring some thankful moments into my life. I want you to join me.

finding thanks in our moments as a mom can be tough. join #thankfulmommoments to help find the blessings in the moments

For the month of November, I am challenging you to post a photo or thankful mom moment on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #thankfulmommoments. I want to see how we can encourage each other to take the moments that we spend with the little ones we love and be present. You don't have to post something everyday, but if you post something on most days you have photos and memories to look back on at the end of the month and remember how lucky you are.

So join me in giving thanks starting November 1st. Find me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and let me know you are participating! I can't wait to see all you are thankful for.


7 DIY Last Minute Costumes for Kids

Every year, my husband and I have come up with AMAZING ideas for Halloween Costumes. And every year, we never had a Halloween Party to go to or any reason to dress up. This year, we have a picky almost 2 year old and tons of parties and a reason to Trick or Treat. So here we are, 4 days before Halloween, looking for inspiration. Here is some of my favorite last minute DIY ideas. Hopefully, one will work for you (and us).

Last Minute Costumes for Kids that are easy and cheap to make
*Because I want to give credit where credit is due, I only have the main photo of the ideas. Please pin that or go to the blogs directly and pin their photos. It is only fair for the amount of work and time they put in*
  1. DIY Spider Costume - Mad in Crafts
  2. Disney Tourist - R&R Workshop
  3. Stick Figure - All For The Boys
  4. Lego Costume - Wine and Glue
  5. Care Bear Family - See Vanessa Craft
  6. DIY Skeleton Costume - Party Delights
  7. DIY Toothless Costume - Tried and True Blog
I am thinking if our last idea doesn't pan out - we will be a Disney tourist family and get ready for our Disney trip!

I hope this helps you with some ideas. I know I got some inspiration!

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