Summer Bucket List

It's officially summer! For me, and most parents, summer goes too fast and that last week before school starts we are scrambling to do all of the things we thought about during Memorial Day weekend.

I have put together a bucket list specifically for toddlers. Obviously, this can also be used for any age, but I know that these are activities that any 1-2 year old would especially enjoy. 

Summer Bucket List for Toddlers. Free Printable. How to customize summer bucket list for kids of any age.

You can print this one out to use at home {we keep ours on the fridge} or you and the kids can write out your activities on posterboard {hint - buy posterboard for 50¢ at the dollar store!} and hang in the playroom, hallway or on the door.

Here are some other summer bucket list activities you can add:
  • watch fireworks
  • get water-ice
  • make a sand castle
  • ride a rollercoaster/ferris wheel/carousel
  • play outside all day
  • eat ice cream from the ice cream man
  • jump off the diving board
  • go to the lake
  • Mom/Daughter date {or Dad/Daughter, Mom/Son, Dad/Son}
  • make our favorite meal
  • be a tourist in our own city
  • go camping
Here are some modifications if you have older kids:
  • Take turns choosing activities. Everyone gets a turn and it repeats until your sheet is full. This gives kids a choice and ownership of what activities they choose.
  • Allow your kids to write the ideas down. Even if they are still working on their handwriting or they misspell everything, it gives them ownership and they will be so proud when you hang it up. You can also use this opportunity to help them sound out words, work on certain letters they may need help with and just encourage them to continue practicing their writing and spelling at home for the summer.
  • If your kids can't write, help them draw pictures. By allowing them to draw a picture for each activity, they will be able to identify the activity on the board. This is an early reading skill. It also helps to write the activity yourself below the picture.
  • Use stickers to mark completed activities. Instead of simply crossing off an activity, have your kids put a sticker over the completed activity. Not only do kids LOVE stickers, but it is helping their fine motor skills by having them peel and stick the stickers. {We do have my toddler stick a sticker on, but she can't get them off...yet}
Don't forget, you can print this summer bucket list out and have it all done for you. If you choose to make your own, don't forget to decorate it! Have fun and get summer off to a great start!

For more summer tips, follow my Summer Fun Pinterest Board!

What would you put on a summer bucket list? List them in the comments below to help other readers :)
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