How we are Raising Seraphim

Raising Seraphim is meant to be a blog about ways to raise your children to be happy, healthy, thinking little humans. Parenting and raising children is super hard so even having a couple tidbits that can help you along the way is so helpful. 

Here is a little about my story and what to expect from this blog going forward.

Journey to Raising Seraphim

Learning from my mistakes is unfortunately a lesson that I have learned all too often. I started a blog: Managing a Home, with the mindset of using my everyday life as fuel to blog. I never had a full passion for managing my home. I do it because it's part of the job, but it's not something I am overly excited about a majority of the time.

But education, my child, doing fun things..these are things I am overly passionate about. I love finding creative ways to play with my daughter. I love being able to teach her and watch her grow and learn. I have so many ideas that are just busting out of me! I needed a more focused way to get them out. 

What Raising Seraphim is all about

As a teacher, one of the things that made me the most happy was when a parent asked me what they could do to help at home. Spending time with your child doing learning activities, playing outside or just reading together gives a child more confidence, motive to learn and the feeling of love that so many kids don't get to experience. My mission is to arm you, parents/nannys/grandparents, with an arsenal of go to activities, advice, and ideas that you can use any time to make your time spent together more enjoyable.

What can you expect to see here

Learning Activities

When I talk about learning activities, I always try to include modifications for other ages. With my background of Elementary Education, we had to be able to easily adapt for children who may be more advanced or need more assistance than we originally anticipated. Also, I have been able to take many of my Pre-School and Kindergarten lessons and adapt them for 3rd and 4th grade. I am going to try and arm you with that information as well. 

Some of the areas we will focus on are:
  • Motor Skills
  • Sensory Learning (not just for the littles)
  • Literary Skills
  • Mathematic Skills
  • Science Experiments
  • Musical Learning
  • Art Activities

I am learning so much from books, blogs and other moms. But as a mom, not all of the information is a perfect fit for me and my family. I have learned to adapt and modify the advice I have been given to work for us and my child.

I hope to share with you:
  • Tips for the infant & toddler stage (and more as I experience them...I won't give advice in areas I haven't covered myself yet)
  • Organizing tips for parents
  • Food tips for little ones - including recipes and tips for making your own pouches!
  • Better educating yourself on products that you can use and trust in the kid market
  • Other parenting articles that come up - as a parent, everyday is different and things just pop up!

I love that in today's market, there are so many great, affordable products for our kids. It is so easy to get on Amazon and purchase anything with the click of a button and it is shipped to you 2 days later.
But I do believe there is something special about taking the time to create something for or with your child. Even a quick project can be a great learning time to spend with them.

Crafting can be fun!
  • Cooking with kids
  • Holiday activities for your kids {and you} to make
  • Crafts for kids to do
  • DIY crafts for you to make for your kids to surprise them, make life more fun, keep them occupied, etc.
Thank you for joining me in my journey. I look forward to sharing with you my passion. I would love to hear from you. Be sure to comment on the posts, email me questions or comments or follow on social media to see what we have to share!
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