DIY Father's Day Frame

DIY Father's Day Frame. Use pictures each year to watch you child{ren} grow. Here is a do it yourself {and what not to do} on creating this great memory.

I love gifts that allow you to watch your children grow and change. That was the main focus for this Father's Day gift. Each year, I will take photos of my daughter holding the letters D & A and replace the photos in his frame. As the years progress, we can look back and remember.

I started this project with a major fail...I wanted to get a 'handwritten' look, but with a more streamlined, even, not my handwriting look. So, I decided to create a stencil with my newly acquired {Mother's Day gift the previous month} Silhouette machine and then just color in the stencil with markers.

Major, major fail. The card stock wouldn't lay straight so I used washi tape to keep it where I wanted it. You know...washi tape - the tape that is completely removable...except apparently on frame mats. I had spots all over that were 'pulled up' from the washi tape. Then the marker. The special colored markers I purchased JUST for this project bled all over. Under the mat, seeping through the paper fibers. It was glorious. I was just thankful this wasn't a complete last minute project.

Out I went, bringing my 5 month old baby with me, to Michael's to get yet another frame. But it worked out because a few days prior to my epic fail, they were out of the letters that I needed for my pictures, so I placed the order for them and had to pick them up too.

I found a frame that was even better {and more my husband's style} and had a nice wide mat for the wording {and it was 30% off with a coupon for 50% off - I think it was meant to be}. I picked up my letters and I was off to work on the project again.

'What could I use to write out my wording on the frame now?' Then it hit me, I had just placed my first ever order of vinyl and had the perfect colors to use! Using the same wording and font from the previous fail, so I wouldn't waste any more time messing with the software.

DIY Father's Day Frame


  • Silhouette Machine {any paper cutting machine will do}
  • Vinyl - any colors you want, permanent or temporary
  • Frame with 3 spaces and nice wide mat
  • Ruler
  • Letters D & A
  • Camera


  1. Plan out your wording - this includes planning the placement of the words on the mat using the ruler for even spacing. I chose 'There's a girl who stole my heart, she calls me DAD'. You can choose any wording you would like! {See below for ideas}
  2. Type out the wording in your Silhouette software and plan your cuts. *You can also use alphabet stickers from your craft store if you do not have a paper cutter*
  3. Place your letters carefully on the mat according to your plan. 
  4. Set up the spot for your photos and do a photo shoot! Have your child hold the D and the A in separate pictures. Take lots of photos so you have enough to choose from. Choose 2 D and 1 A photos and get them printed at a local Kodak kiosk {my favorite} or at home. 
  5. Put the photos in the frame and wrap it up!
~ I placed an annual reminder on my Google Calendar so that I don't forget to take the photos for the frame
~ Keep the letters in a safe place so you know where they are every year. I keep them in my 'other holiday' bin.

Other phrases to use:

  • Daddy's Little Slugger {have a baseball or bat in the photos}
  • Daddy's Little Girl {sweet and simple}
  • I loved you first
  • Use quotes from the Bible, songs, poems, sayings

Good luck! Happy crafting!
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  1. What a very cute idea. Definitely pinning this one!

  2. The words on your Dad frame just made me smile.

    1. I know :) I loved those words. And it is SOOO true for my husband...he has been wrapped around her tiny little finger from the moment she was born.

  3. What a great idea to have props that can be used year after year in frames!

    1. Thanks. I am so excited to be able to look back at all the pictures too and see how she has grown...and if we add another too.

  4. That's pretty sweet! Dad is going to love it!

  5. Great gift idea! Pinning it now.

  6. This is so cute! Love it! pinned and shared!


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