Pack your (diaper) bag - Newborn to Preschool

Printable checklists to make sure you don't forget anything in your diaper bag. Great idea to print it on business cards and put it in a luggage tag.

When my daughter was born, I hated going outside of the house alone. Granted the winter she was born we had more snow storms, more snow accumulation and colder temps than I remember in a long time - so that was scary. But that wasn't why. I hated leaving the house alone because of the fear that I would be somewhere and she needed something I didn't have and I couldn't get it because I was alone. This fear paralyzed me. So after going out of the house with her along with someone else a couple of times, I realized that I just needed to be prepared. So I created a diaper bag checklist so that I knew I would have what I needed when I went out alone.
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I had on hand all of the products to make the initial diaper bag checklist, but I have since upgraded to self-laminating luggage tags, which are so much better.

I started with making a list of everything that I was using at the time. With a newborn, this was a lot.

I had these business cards, which I knew would be the perfect size to insert into a luggage tag. Why a luggage tag? It is easy to change out your list {if you don't use the laminating ones}, you can easily attach it to your diaper bag and you can switch it easily between diaper bags. Plus, I had several on hand to choose from.

I typed up my list of items I would need for her diaper bag in a word document, using the business card template. I printed it out and stuck it in the luggage tag. I started a routine of checking and packing my diaper bag the night before so that it was ready for the morning.
{**Full disclosure - the reason this post is now being posted is because I got lazy...I hadn't updated it until now, and was forgetting everything! So I needed to do this for my #mommybrain}

Printable checklist for your diaper bag. Baby must haves on one side and mommy's list on the other. Great for mommy brain!

As my daughter has grown, I have changed the list to include the new things that she needs and deleted the things she doesn't need anymore.

I am sure there are parents out there that feel the same way I did, overwhelmed at the thought of forgetting something for my daughter before going out, so I am sharing my checklists with you.

I am giving you 5 different checklists.
Printable Checklists for all ages. Print and put in a luggage tag for your diaper bag. So you never forget anything. Great idea!

I have included the checklists from newborn to Preschool age on the left. Mommy's list is on the right :). I have included the essentials and extra lines that you can use to write in extras like seasonal items you might need, other medications or anything you need to remember.

Here is what you need and how you can use these checklists for your self.


Smart idea to put a checklist inside a luggage tag so you don't forget anything in your diaper bag. Make your own and use a laminating luggage tag.


  1. Print out the checklists on business cards or the lined ones on paper and cut.
  2. Place the front and the back together {you can use a glue dot if you want} and place it in your luggage tag. 
  3. Fill in the empty spaces with a Sharpie for a permanent option {you may also be able to remove it with rubbing alcohol later} or a dry erase marker.
  4. Attach it to your diaper bag and remember to check it each day!
Diaper bag checklist so you don't forget anything. Great idea to put it in a luggage tag so you can make your own. Printing these out here - for each age

I hope these checklists help you. Here they are again for you to download. 
Printable diaper bag checklists for business cards. Print on business cards and put in luggage tag for diaper bag. Great Idea!
Printable diaper bag checklists. Print, cut on the lines and put in luggage tag for diaper bag. Great Idea!

Click to download for Business Cards Click to download with lines to cut

Let me know how it works for you!

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  1. What a great idea!!! This would also be a help if the spend the night with grand parents!

    1. Very true! It's always nice for grandparents to know what the babies need for sure :)

  2. I love a good list and these are so handy for other people like DADS, Grandma's, and Nannies. Great idea.

    1. You're so right! My husband sure is thankful that I put the lists there :)

  3. A very helpful post to make visits and outings go much smoother.

    1. Most of the time :) We just have to get used to checking the list!

  4. I really like this idea! I created a similar checklist, but I didn't think about permanently attaching it to the diaper bag via a luggage tag- that's genius. Thanks for sharing!


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