Summer Weekly Routine for Fun and Learning

Make a Summer Schedule for your kids. Create a fun, structured environment for all kids, regardless of age with the ideas she shares here.

I find that the days that I don't have a routine or a schedule mapped out are my most unproductive days ever. So it only makes sense that I am trying to create a daily and weekly routine for the summer with my toddler.

My goal in creating the weekly routine you see below, is to find a good balance between fun and education. At 18 months, fun and play is still educational for her, but I would like to focus on some education with her. helping her learn her letters, get a grasp on colors, start to identify shapes.

And it's not just for younger kids. I think you all know what I mean - the last week before school starts you are frantically trying to get your kids to know their addition facts, or do the summer homework they were supposed to do or read the 10 books on the reading list. So I am on a mission to get myself, and you, organized.

I created a simple weekly schedule {that you can print out or use as a guide to create your own} to help us make the most of each day and week.
Summer Weekly Schedule for Toddlers. Create a fun, structured environment for all kids, regardless of age with the ideas she shares here.

Weekly Activities

As you can see, we will do something fun each day of the week.
{I did get some ideas from other sites. I took what would work for my family and adjusted it. You should so the same. Do what works for your family}

Make Something Monday - make a craft or create something that we can use later in the week for Fresh & Fun Friday

Take a Trip Tuesday - go somewhere fun! I have balanced out some of the more costly places with some of the free or cheaper places so I don't go over budget for the month.

What's Cooking Wednesday - we get in the kitchen to cook! I am choosing easy recipes for kids to make, even if my toddler may have a bit of an issue.

Tidy Up Thursday - I will choose a specific area in the house to focus on purging or decluttering together. So the toys in her play area, her closet, her drawers, her books, you get the picture.

Fresh & Fun Friday - this day is an anything goes day! Maybe we cross off some things on our bucket list. Maybe we have a play date. Maybe we just go to the pool. But the goal is to go have fun!

Some other activities you could use: Move it Monday {get active}, Tasty Tuesday {cooking}, Try Something New Tuesday, Weird Science Wednesday {Science Experiments}, Water Wednesday, Wandering Wednesday {this is especially good if you live near trails or state parks}, Thoughtful Thursday {do something for someone else}, Thinking Thursday {focus on a learning activity, go to the library}, Field Trip Friday, Friendly Friday {visit friends, make new ones, do something for someone}, Go Somewhere Fun Friday {not just a field trip, can include friend's houses}.

Weekly Learning Goals

At the bottom of the sheet, I have listed boxes for the learning goals of the week. This helps my husband to also know what letters, colors, shapes and numbers to reinforce while playing with our daughter.

Letter of the Week - She already can identify some letters, so we are building on that. I know I won't get every letter done, and I'm going in order of the letters that interest her - what letters she is trying to say first, but it helps us focus for the week on the letter.

Number of the Week - We will start at 1 and go through to 10, then zero, then start again. It is too much to expect her to know more than 10, or any of the numbers. But my motto is, you don't know unless you try.

Shape of the Week - This will be more easily workable since so many toddler toys focus on shapes as well. We will chose simple shapes for now until they are mastered.

Color of the Week - Colors are everywhere in the toddler world. With the focus of one per week, she should be able to identify them easier, even if she may not even be able to say the word yet.

For the older kids: Read a specific number of books/chapters, focus on a certain set of math facts, practice handwriting {maybe 1-3 letters a week}, learn certain vocabulary words they chose from a book/movie/older sibling, spelling bee words {and have a spelling bee bi-weeky to test their knowledge}, or get ideas from your child's teacher on topics to focus on for the summer and make it fun!

The idea is not to overwhelm. For preschoolers, the list that I gave for my sheet may not seem challenging, but when you come up with games or activities that you can use to challenge them, it is learning in a fun way, not flash cards. {although, I am a fan of a good flash card} We don't want to overwhelm our kids, but enrich them.

I hope this helps you create a weekly schedule for your family this summer. We put ours in a glass frame with magnets and place it on our fridge for the whole family to see. I write on the glass in dry erase marker each week so we can all see the fun to come. 
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  1. I love the idea of organizing the week like this!

    1. Thanks! I think it will help for sure! Happy Summer Planning!!

  2. Great ideas! Having a plan is always the best start to a good day...especially with kids!

  3. Great schedule. I'll have to work on something for my girls.

  4. Great list of activities! Thanks for sharing at Bloggers Brags this week! I'm pinning! :)

  5. This is a great and simple way of getting out the boredom grumpies! :D

  6. Hi, I am having a hard time downloading the schedule template. The Dropbox link doesn't seem to work. Any other way to get a copy of the template? TIA!

    1. Thanks for letting me know. The link should be working now!

  7. What font did you use? I would like to change some of the days but I LOVE your font. Thanks for making this!

    1. Thanks! I used a font called Archistico.


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