What to Include in a Travel First Aid Kit from Dollar Tree

Great idea for a travel first aid kit. Good idea to use that lunch container. And free printable to make sure you don't forget anything!
As a kid, my parents knew it was officially summer when we would come inside with a scraped knee. In our house, we called it them the "summer knees". When my daughter got her first "summer knee" I knew it was time to start carrying around a First Aid Kit.

I have seen some pre-made First Aid Kits in stores, but they never have everything in them that I think they should. So I decided I wanted to make one myself.
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I made a list of all of the things I would want to keep in my kit. I made a printable copy so that I can 'laminate' it to the bottom with some packing tape. This way I can always make sure it is stocked the way I would want like I did for my diaper bag. You can click the list below or go here to download your own copy.

Click to download
I printed it out and just crossed off the items that I didn't need at the moment. Then I taped it on the bottom with packing tape to create a water tight seal. Feel free to write in anything you think of in the other column (then share in the comments below!)
Free printable for what to include in a Travel First Aid kit. Great idea!
My first stop was to Dollar Tree. I am always amazed at how many great things they have for simple projects and it's only $1! I picked up a sandwich container with locking sides (any sandwich container would work), band-aids, antibiotic ointment, hand sanitizer and travel sanitary napkins. I know you are thinking "why in the world sanitary napkins"? I saw that Cari from Everything Pretty used them in her home First Aid Kit and added them to my travel one. What a great idea!
Travel First Aid kit from Dollar Tree. What a great, cheap way to keep my kids protected!
When I got home I organized them all into my sandwich container and added some other things into the kit. I added self-foaming washcloths. I used Babyganics, but they are discontinued. These are similar and Johnson's has one's similar too. I also added in some alcohol wipes that we had and some other princess band-aids we had.

I cut out a First Aid cross and wording on my Silhouette with white vinyl and stuck it on the top. I taped my list to the bottom and now I have a first aid kit all ready to go!
What to include in a travel first aid kit with printable. Must have and cheap!
What would you add to your first aid kit?
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  1. That's cute! I can never keep bandaids in the car (or in the house either, actually) because my Head of Demolition thinks every bandaid MUST MUST MUST be used immediately upon purchase. I probably need to buy some to hide!

    1. My daughter just started to like putting them on my boo-boos. But put one on her and it's the end of the world!

  2. I have a bigger kit (an old tool box) in my bathroom supply cabinet. The grands know where to look.

  3. We have one in our car and have been so glad we had it when we needed it. Great tips. Cathy

  4. My husband travels a lot for his work and will never agree to carrying a first aid kit with him although we never go anywhere without one when we travel together. Years ago I allocated a little sectioned foldover leather container (I think it had come free as a washkit on a plane originally) as our first aid kit and it was one of the best things I have done for our trips.

    1. That's great! I throw this on into any bag we use. Like the beach, pool, diaper bag, etc. It's so handy!

  5. I love the idea of having a little First Aid kit always in the car or your purse/diaper bag. Great idea!

  6. I also always have a couple of Finger Bandages and splints, Bandages, Sling, Scissors, Micropore Tape, and small safety pins, (Especially when the boys played football or the Girls played with Frisbee's) so if I need to do emergency, temporary dressings and then imobilise an arm or wrist till I can get Kids to A&E at the Hospital, I have everything to hand. (Being a Single Mum of 6 and a Gran of 1 learnt the painful way when we didn't have a Sling, or Finger Splint, when required, and travelling on Public Transport, so now always make sure at least one is in all First Aid Kits at Home or in the Car.) Also Aspirin, Paracetamol, Migraine Headache Medication and Antihistamines - Not the first time I've been caught short when a Migraine/Headache or Hayfever has struck suddenly.

  7. I don't even have a travel first aid kit. Great tips, I need to make one. Thanks for linking up at #LFEO

  8. Love this. I added sunscreen lip balm, face sunscreen, and a travel size body sunscreen. I never seem to remember that these are things I need until I need them and they are at home.


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