Is Amazon Prime worth the cost for families?

These are great features for Amazon Prime. Some I never thought about too much. Maybe worth the investment?
Since becoming a mom, I am always looking for ways to keep my life simple and easy. I am being 100% honest when I say that joining Amazon Prime was the best thing my husband and I did. But is it the best choice for you and your family? Let's explore.

Since I am an affiliate of Amazon, I have to tell you that the Amazon links below are affiliate links. That means that when you click on them and make a purchase, I get a commission, at no extra cost to you. (If you want to know more about my affiliate policy go here) Amazon is something I use ALL THE TIME personally. Their app is on the first page of my iPhone I use them so much! And I only recommend products, companies and services that I would use myself. :)

Breakdown of Amazon Prime

So for $99, you get access to the perks I talk about below. All of the perks I am talking about today are specifically geared toward families. There are certainly other aspects of Amazon Prime that are being added everyday, not all of them could be used for the whole family but worth their value for sure.

When you break down the $99 for the year, it comes to $8.25 a month. And using the affiliate links I provide, you can get 30 day free trial before you even pay for the year! Let's see how much you will save...

Total Expense: $8.25/mo

Free 2-day Shipping (and in some areas Free same Day delivery)

With the free 2-day shipping, you will save anywhere from $5 for ground shipping on one DVD to $25 for two day delivery for a Refurbished Vitamix Blender. The only way to get around it without Prime is to have a cart order for a minimum of $35 for certain items that are eligible. The blender, for example, is not eligible, so you would have to pay for any shipping option without Amazon Prime.

If you were to place 2 orders a month and use the free two day shipping, you would enough money to pay for that month of Prime. I order one or two things here and there all the time. I can only imagine how much that would cost me to ship it all!

Bonus: Yes you get 2 day shipping, but if you are in no rush, you can choose 'No Rush' Shipping. This will get your promotional credits for movies, books, PrimePantry, and more. When we have done this, we still find that we get our product within 3 days anyway. Just a great option!

Bonus: You can also get free same day shipping in most metro areas. The only catch is you must have a $35 minimum of items that are eligible. But same day shipping for free is a great bonus if you have the minimum.

Savings: $5-$25/order depending on what you order and your shipping time (these numbers were based on 2-day shipping which is free with Prime). You also have the potential to earn money with 'No Rush' Shipping.

Amazon Subscribe & Save

With the option for Subscribe & Save, you get to save 5% - 15% on your monthly subscription deliveries. If you order less then 5 items each month, you will save 5%, 5 or more items - 15%. So I make sure I have at least 5 items in my cart each month.

When you set up your cart, you decide how often you get a product. Each month we get certain items but you don't have to get the same things each month. For example, we get popcorn with our Subscribe & Save. But we don't need 5lbs of popcorn every month, so we have it scheduled to come every 3 months.

Amazon also provides exclusive coupons for Subscribe & Save members. So this month I am getting a discount on my Kind Bars. See below for my savings.

My month coming up for example is: Pouches, Maple Syrup, fruit snacks, coconut milk, baby lotion, Kind bars, toilet paper and diapers. Since I have more than 5 items, I will save 15% on the original price shown (20% on the diapers - See Amazon Mom below), plus my coupons that Amazon gives me. So on this order alone I am saving $30.60. These are all items I would drive to the grocery store or BJ's to buy anyway, but here they are convenient and with the discount, I even get to save a tank of gas worth of money!.

Savings: $21.43 this month with 15% off and coupons (not including my diapers, see below) . This number will fluctuate depending on how much you order. If you have at least 5 items, you are saving 15% total.

Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom is a program specifically for moms who are expecting through mothers of toddlers. You must have Prime to be able to use this program.

You get 20% off of all diapers (5% with Subscribe & Save and 15% through Amazon Mom - no more than 20%) .

You get 15% off of a baby registry completion. I created a registry when I was pregnant just to get the 15% off!

Then there are coupons just for Amazon Moms on diapers, baby food, baby items, and lots more you will need the first couple of years. With Amazon mom, the diapers were the cheapest everywhere, even less than BJ's which was cheaper per diaper by far. Plus they usually have Pampers and Huggies coupons so no newspaper clipping needed.

Savings: $9.18 this month just with the 20% on diapers. 

Prime Instant Video

Here in our house Prime Instant Video is a life-saver! We get so many movies and TV shows for free on our Prime account that we no longer need Netflix or a massive collection of DVDs. They have most Nickelodeon and PBS shows. This includes even Daniel Tiger, which On-Demand you had to pay for and is not on Netflix. This was a huge win for my daughter! My favorite find is the classic and original Sesame Streets and Mister Rodgers Neighborhood.

There are also tons of movies available for free with Prime. My husband and I actually rent movies from there all the time too. We actually choose the 'No Rush' shipping most when the promotional credit is for movies. We save them up and use them to purchase movies that are newer and may cost more to rent. It is so convenient to just stay home and rent through your TV rather than go to Redbox, wait in line and then have to return the next day.

Savings: $8/mo - no more Netflix

Prime Music

With Prime Music, you will not only will you have access to purchase music, which you can do without Prime, but you have the option to stream thousands of titles without a purchase. Using the Amazon Music app on your phone or on your computer, you can add albums to a playlist and stream for FREE. Songs on iTunes range from $0.99 - $1.99 to purchase, so depending on how much music you want to stream.

Savings: $20/mo. We stream a lot of albums and have created our own playlists. We occasionally use Pandora still, but chose not to purchase the upgrade.

Free Kindle Book - Lending Library

For us, we can't use this as we don't have a Kindle. But if you have any Kindle, you get a free book each month to 'check out' from the lending library. They have a ton of titles for you to chose from including children's books.

One of the things they boast is having all 7 Harry Potter Books for lending (which I would enjoy). So I priced the savings on that.

Savings: $5.99-9.99/mo depending on the Kindle price of the book you would have purchased.

Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is new feature that offers more options in addition to the Subscribe & Save program. Although it is an additional shipping fee, it is a flat rate of $5.99 and you can choose smaller item numbers for shipping. The way it works is you 'fill up a box' and then ship it for the flat fee. When you add something to your 'box', Amazon automatically tells you how much of your 'box' you have filled and can continue to purchase or ship.

So for example: The fruit snacks that I get for my home comes in a large package. If we didn't go through the much, I could add it to my box to fill for Prime Pantry and get a smaller quantity. That small quantity would only fill up 1% of my box, so I have more room to add more before I pay the $5.99 shipping.

Savings: variable - not included in grand total. I haven't used this as much yet, but I am starting to compile a list for future purchases as I see items I would get.

Total Savings for using Amazon Prime

Expense of Prime/mo
Savings from Perks/mo
Grand Total of Savings/mo 

Wow! I am so thankful to Amazon Prime for helping my family save over $60 per month.

These are great features for Amazon Prime. Some I never thought about too much. Maybe worth the investment?
These are only the perks that are on Amazon Prime that are most valuable for families. There are some other programs that are available for Prime members that you may find useful for you and your family, but these I think are the most helpful.

I hope this has helped you make your decision on Amazon Prime. If you choose to try it out, I would love for you to use my affiliate links. I hope that this helps your family with budget, time and convenience. Just taking away one trip to the store helps me spend more time with my family, I hope it helps you too!

Have Amazon Prime? I would love to hear from you! What do you think is the most valuable perk of Amazon Prime for you and your family?
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  1. I save money with Prime like I save money with my Costco membership. I'd save a ton if only shopping wasn't so much FUN to do through them. ;)

  2. I have been debating on Amazin Prime. This may have swayed me to go ahead and sign up!

  3. I couldn't live without it. We live in such a rural area that a lot of things just aren't available, and I love the free 2 day shipping!

  4. I've LOVED Amazon Prime - we've had it a couple years now. I was especially pleased when I figured out about the music. We had it over a year before I even realized that we had the music!

  5. I need to explore this Amazon Pantry feature a little bit more. I used to always choose no rush shipping to earn $1 towards e-books (I LOVE my kindle), but just recently they switched the no-rush offer to earning $5 for Amazon pantry. I placed 4 separate orders for 4 separate $8 books today and earned $20 to Amazon Pantry that needs to be used by mid-October. (I'm wondering if I ordered a $5 or less item if they'd still let me earn $5 for no rush shipping...Could be profitable.) The funny thing is that my no rush items usually still arrive within 2 days.

    1. Michelle, they actually cycle through and change what you get credit for with no-rush. Be sure to check it before you use it! But you are right - my no-rush items are usually there within 2-3 days anyway :)

  6. I love having Amazon Prime, just the shipping alone makes it so worth it to me. Since we are thinking about cutting off cable, I am sure we will be using the Amazon instant video a lot. Oh, let's not look at my growing Kindle collection...

  7. My husband and I purchased Amazon Prime a year or so ago and we love it! We mainly use it for the free 2-day shipping which is so helpful when we need something quick for whatever reason. I had thought about trying out some of the other features, but I haven't so far. This post was really helpful to explain some of those features to me. Thanks so much! I think that we might end up liking the free movie streaming the best. But, I guess we'll just have to try out all of the saving options and see. :)

  8. This is so cool, you have found so many ways to make Amazon Prime work, and work really well, for you and your family! Awesome.


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