Baby's First 5 Signs

When teaching you baby sign language, it is sometimes overwhelming to find where to start. I think it is best to start with 5 basic signs and work up from there.
First 5 baby signs you should be teaching you child. With flashcards to help you remember

These are the top 5 suggested baby signs for you to start with. They are easy to do and easy to understand.
  1. Milk - This is a great sign to start off with because this is what your baby will be drinking/eating all.of.the.time. Method: Before you give them the milk via bottle or nursing, show them the sign and say the word, then give it to them. Every time.
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  2. More - this is a good sign to start next along with milk. We did the sign with milk, but started doing it more with her when we started doing solids. Good tip: we started using the sign with her when we would play. So when she wanted more books, we would sign ‘more books’. We started to notice around 1 year, she was understanding that ‘more’ had multiple meanings - it can be used for food, toys, or anything.
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  3. Diaper - We modified this sign for our use because honestly, it was too difficult to use both hands while holding onto a wriggling infant. Even though this is not a sign we expected her to do back, this was a great transition so that she knew what we were about to do. This helped calm her when we were far from home and I was changing her diaper. This also helped us when we started potty training.
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  4. Please - We added this on to the end of everything we ended up teaching her. When she wanted milk, we said “milk, please”. When she wanted more, we said “more please”. This is just the beginning of being polite and we thought it best to teach it early.
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  5. All Done - This is a great beginning sign because it is easy and sometimes kids just need a time out. We taught this by using the sign at the end of everything. So when we finished having milk, we said “all done”. By doing this sign before we moved on to anything else, she started to understand that it was the signal to be done.
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You can download all of these cards at the or what I have done is taken them and created some flash cards for you to use for you and your baby. I put the cards 4 to a page so that they are smaller to use, printed them, cut them and laminated them for us to use.
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What words are you anxious to teach your little one?

Happy signing!

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  1. I never thought about teaching my children the sign for diaper. That would of been helpful! They learned all of the other signs that you mentioned and a few other ones. It was a great way to communicate! Thank you for sharing at the #Made4Kids Link Party!


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