10 Amazing Costumes for New Moms

I loved my daughter's first Halloween. She was a cute little bee and my hubby was a beekeeper. It was a great costume but I secretly wanted to wear her all around the neighborhood. I loved baby wearing and any reason to babywear I was all in.
Babywearing Halloween Costume Ideas. These are amazing ideas and original links too
I found some of my favorite inspirations from last year. But did you know, it was so hard to find the original links to many of these. So many blogs just post photos with no links back to the original sources. So, unfortunately, I had to narrow down my list, but I have a fabulous round up for you! And the best part, it goes back to the original blog or posting and most have tutorials! 

Let's dig in!

*Because I want to give credit where credit is due, I only have the main photo of the ideas. Please pin that or go to the blogs directly and pin their photos. It is only fair for the amount of work and time they put in*
  1. Little Red Riding Hood and the Little Bad Wolf - To The Sea
  2. Popcorn Vendor - This Place Is Now A Home
  3. King Kong - 1337 Mom
  4. Sushi - Wrap Your Baby FB Page
  5. Owl & Tree (could easily be Hedwig & Harry)
  6. Ewok & Princess Leia or Hans Solo - Carolee Backham
  7. Max & his boat - Modern Kiddo
  8. Kangaroo Mom and Baby - HGTV
  9. Ladybug - Andrea's Notebook
  10. Horse & Cowgirl/boy - A Serious Girl
And just for fun..here is my little bumble bee and my beekeeper last year.

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