Welcome to Raising Seraphim. Thank you for visiting my little blog that focuses on my calling: raising and educating my child. When I visit a new blog, one of the first places I go is to learn a little more about the writer. I try to make a connection to them so that I can get the most out of their blog. I look forward to getting to know you.

My background:

I am an elementary teacher with a Masters in Elementary Education turned stay-at-home mom. I have a passion for teaching, but I have a strong desire and passion to educate and raise my daughter, just like my mom did for me. I have worked in all aspects of education and have learned so much in the process.

As a substitute teacher, I learned so much about varied education levels, classroom and behavior management and just how amazing and resilient kids {and myself} are. I think EVERY teacher should be a substitute before they step into the classroom.
As a primary classroom teacher, I have learned that planning is a huge advantage over kids. Plan, plan and plan some more. This helps me out with my daughter too. The more I have planned for us, the less breakdowns and tantrums mommy my daughter has.
As an instructor/trainer/office assistant/sales rep for an education company, I have learned the ins and outs of creating curriculum, testing your lessons, and the best way to create supporting material. I also learned that teachers/adults are not always the best students, so you really need to make things interesting for them to keep focus as well. {tell me you are not on your phone when your kids are playing nicely..}
As a mom, I am finding that everyday is a new surprise! As she grows and changes on a daily basis, I get to learn more about myself and how to be a mother to this bright, wonderful little girl. We surely keep each other busy that is for sure!

All of these things help guide me in what I do with my daughter and how I want to help other moms/dads/nannies/grandparents make each day a great experience for these kids!

My mission for this blog:

I want to be able to share some ideas, activities, recipes, tips and thoughts about being a mom. The internet is full of blogs that can give you ideas for activities to do, food to feed them and other parenting tips, but I want to give you information you may not have seen before - or twists on some you have seen, give ideas to parents about activities as kids get older and healthy recipes that may save you money in the long run!

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